I 15 hotel più strani e particolari in Italia

Are you tired of the usual hotels? Do you want to try something different? Here are 15 of the most particular hotels in Italy. You can choose to spend the night in a lighthouse or feel noble for a weekend staying in a castle. For the more “green” there is also the possibility of sleeping on a tree and for those who love traditions instead the resort in the trulli. Discover our selection of strange hotels in Italy and save looking for the best offers for  hotels  on Momondo.

Capo Spartivento lighthouse – Sardinia

The only lighthouse in Italy to be also used as a hotel. The Capo Spartivento lighthouse cannot fail to be mentioned when talking about strange and particular hotels in Italy. The experience of being where the lighthouse keeper once lived, a now remote figure, and the magic of seeing the storms on the beautiful sea of ​​Sardinia up close, make Faro Capo Spartivento one of the most fascinating special hotels. The lighthouse is still active, with its beam of light that serves to illuminate the route to the ships. It is possible to go there in all seasons, as it is always open.

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Trulli Holiday Resort – Puglia


Speaking of particular hotels in Italy, the experience of sleeping inside the trulli of Alberobello, typical Apulian buildings, a Unesco world heritage site, is fully included in the list. The Trulli Holiday Resort offers the opportunity to stay right inside these typical stone buildings, unique in the world.

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Torre della Botonta – Umbria

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Imagine transporting yourself to another era: the Middle Ages. In the heart of Umbria stands this elegant period residence, built within the village of Castel San Giovanni, between Trevi and Spoleto. The rooms are furnished with antiques and characteristic stone vaults. Each of these is dedicated to a natural fiber. If you are looking for a special location for a candlelit dinner, the castle tower is the perfect place.

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Motel K – Lombardy


Many special hotels in one. This is the main feature of Motel K, located in Lombardy, between Voghera and Tortona. Here, simply by changing suites, you pass from the lively Manhattan to the romantic Santorini, from the experience of an Arabian night, to the sensuality of an alcove, from Rome to Thailand, crossing blue lagoons and green caves. The suites are all themed and treated in detail to make the most of the atmosphere of each single place. Suitable for you if you are looking for a particular hotel where you can take a little break from everyday life, even if only for one night.

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I-Suite – Emilia Romagna


The name of this hotel on the Rimini Riviera already recalls modernity and innovative design. Which are its most visible characteristics. Designed with creativity and taste, the Hotel I-Suite offers a unique environment different from all the others, in which design is the protagonist. The fact of being close to the sea is always a great added value.

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Quid Hotel – Trentino

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At first glance it would not seem to be classified among the strangest hotels but the Quid Hotel in Trento is actually very particular and innovative. It is in fact based on a green philosophy of environmental sustainability and environmental protection. The hotel in fact uses organic products and supports the policy of waste reduction and recycling. And at the same time it is equipped with all the hi-tech equipment.

And if you are in Trento from November to January, visit its famous  Christmas market .

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iRooms – Lazio

Rooms that look to the future, with a geometric design, LED lights, showers and a waterfall and, listen, hear, an Ipad in every room! Obviously free wifi. Technology lovers and those who cannot stay away from the internet for even a second will feel perfectly at home here. The iRooms facilities are located in tactical positions in the center of Rome and are therefore an excellent starting point for a city tour.

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Felino Castle – Emilia Romagna

An exclusive castle where you can spend the night, perhaps in the company of your sweetheart, is the dream of many. Castello di Felino, surrounded by greenery and surrounded by ancient walls, is a perfect location for a romantic holiday or even just for an experience different from the others. From the rooms to the internal halls, the atmosphere of the castle can be breathed in every corner.

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Etruscan Chocohotel – Umbria

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As soon as you enter you will be seized by an irresistible craving for chocolate. Because? You will find out when, upon entering the hotel, you are greeted by the unmistakable aroma of chocolate. The peculiarity of this hotel is that the rooms are furnished with wardrobes, headboards and lamps that have the shape of bars or Perugina kisses. A dream for all the sweet tooth of Italy.

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Tree house – Lombardy

A name that is all a program. At Tree House nature is breathed, eaten and lived. The view is on the splendid Lake Como and thanks to the transparent walls of which the hotel rooms are composed, it seems to be directly there, with the park around which is almost one with the room. Try the Honesty Kitchen: a shared kitchen, open 24/24 where all guests can help themselves and then write down what they have eaten.

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Abalì Grand Sultanate – Sicily

One of the most characteristic unusual hotels in Italy is located in Palermo. It is a colorful bed and breakfast that evokes the atmosphere of the Arab sultanates, as its name also implies. Between four-poster beds, curtains, mirrors, whirlpools and typical Arabian costumes, it will seem like you are not even in Italy. Also particular is the breakfast room where there is a single long table with a sinuous shape.

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Art Hotel Atelier on the sea – Sicily

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Art lovers will be enchanted by this hotel-atelier. Each room is dominated by works of art by contemporary artists. Painting, sculpture, architecture and spaces conceived in a unique way. From the metallic suites to the barn: each room carries with it a message from the author that whoever enters is led to decipher. The hotel is located in Castel di Tusa, a beautiful seaside village in the province of Messina.

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Sextantio The Civita Caves – Basilicata

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Who does not know the stones of Matera? They envy us all over the world and going to Matera it is easy to understand why. But what not everyone knows is that among the most particular hotels in Italy there is even one inside the stones. It is practically possible to sleep inside the caves, breathing the ancient and solemn atmosphere of these historical places. And breakfast is done directly in a deconsecrated rock church!

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Covo degli Angioini – Campania

In the heart of Naples, near the Angevin Castle, you will find this cozy and luxurious hotel. The suites are themed and all apartments have kitchens. Some rooms have comfortable Jacuzzis where you can relax and start your holiday on the right foot. You can book your room at the Covo degli Angioini directly from momondo and save.

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Hotel San Luis – Trentino Alto Adige


How many times as children did you happen to play in trees? The real dream in the drawer, however, for many has always been to have a small house on the tree, from which they can observe the world from above without being seen. At the Hotel San Luis in Merano, sleeping in a tree is possible. Other than strange hotels! The chalets in the trees, about 5-10 meters high, are an enchanting place to spend a holiday in contact with the sounds and scents of nature.

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Contributed by Diana Bancale @inviaggiodasola